“Shut up, don’t say a word about corruption” — Navalny loses the defamation case

Moscow Court orders Navalny to remove the video about Medvedev

Yesterday Alexey Navalny lost a defamation lawsuit against Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov. The court satisfied each one of the Usmanov’ claims: he didn’t bribe Medvedev, Shuvalov or any other official, he is not a criminal, he did not establish censorship in his Publishing House “Kommersant” and he is definitely paying all of his taxes to Russia.

Here is the short summary of the trial:
— Representatives of Alexey Navalny and the Anti-Corruption foundation submitted 23 petitions to the judge. 22 of them was declined.
— Judge Vasina refused both sides to bring their witnesses. The ACF asked to bring to the stand prime-minister Medvedev, vice-minister Shuvalov and the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan.
— 140 pages of documents were attached to the case at the request of Usmanov's representatives.
— The court gave 10 minutes to Navalny’s representatives to study them.

During the trial lawyers of Alisher Usmanov presented the documents saying that their client was a tax resident of Russia in 2015 and 2016. References were issued by the Russian Federal Tax Service only on May 18, 2017 and addressed to the Swiss tax authorities. This information contradicts the statement that was made by Usmanov’s press office in 2016.

As for the censorship, in 2011 during the mass protests Usmanov personally fired two senior managers of Kommersant-vlast over the coverage of violations during the Duma elections and pictures with anti-Putin slogans. He even gave a statement confirming that.

Alexey Navalny disagrees with the court’s ruling and refuse to obey its orders. He wrote in his blog that he won’t delete the video, encourage people to share it even more and to come join the protest on June 12.