Prime Minister Medvedev’s empire. The new investigation from the Anti-Corruption Foundation

Prime Minister Medvedev’s empire. The new investigation from the Anti-Corruption Foundation

You would never take this man for some kind of a villain or an underground billionaire. But the new investigation of the Anti-Corruption foundation (ACF) would prove you wrong. Dmitry Medvedev, prime minister and former president of Russia, is crazy about money and elite real estate. Palaces, residences, yachts and vineyards in Russia and abroad. In the investigation you’ll see for yourself that he’s one of the richest people and one of the most corrupted officials. The video is accompanied by a text which contains irrefutable evidence, documents, schemes, connections. The detailed story is available on the dedicated website.

Medvedev is more crafty than his colleagues who register everything through offshores. His system is based on charity foundations controlled by his close confidants — mostly relatives and former classmates.

In 2014thethe Dmitry Medvedev’s iPhone was hacked was hacked and his personal correspondence published. People behind the hack were recently arrested. The dump had a lot of interesting things, but nothing sensational was found. The ACF decided to take a closer look at it and discovered that the key to Medvedev’s empire is his internet shopping. One just had to look closely at the purchases and the specific way the orders were made.

The investigation tells a lot about Medvedev’s closest confident Ilya Yeliseev, a number of special purpose companies, and a bunch of so-called charity organizations (like Dar Foundation, which until recently was the nominal owner of Medvedev’s secret dacha at Ples). All of them are controlled by the single headquarter.

These companies received “donations” from Russian oligarchs. For example the natural resource oligarchs and Novatek shareholders deposited $562 mln to the charter capital of pseudo charity Dar foundation. Another oligarch — Alisher Usmanov — made his contribution by “gifting” the estate at Rublevka. The ACF also found the source of financing for the administration company of Dar Foundation in the old accounting records of Gazprombank. This bank gave the company a credit of $463 mln. In addition to the giant credits from Gazprombank, Medvedev’s empire also subsists on some smaller credits. For example, the companies of Bashneft gave it a credit for almost $51 mln. Altogether, there are about $342 mln worth of “smaller” credit tranches. By parsing the documents and open financial records the ACF discovered $1.2 bln.

Alexey Navalny’s comment: “The former president and acting prime minister, the leader of the ruling United Russia party has created a corrupt network of charity foundations that he uses to receive bribes from the oligarchs, and spends this money to build himself palaces and dachas all across the country like some kind of maniac. He also buys yachts and Medieval castles abroad.

He’s not even really hiding, because thousands of people are engaged in servicing Medvedev and his real estate. These secret palaces are guarded by the special services of the state. … And Medvedev can steal so much and so openly, because Putin does the same, but on a greater scale. Because everyone in the government does this. Because the judges, and the prosecutors, and the special services are also doing the same, they are becoming millionaires and billionaires with the help of corruption...

People in this investigation have been in power for 17 years, and they’ve build a perfect mechanism to turn Russia’s national treasures into palaces and bank accounts for themselves and their children.”

The video with English subtitles is just published.

The website with the full story is Russian only, but the English summary is available here.